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Whether you’re an engineer or a plant manager, whether you work in a paper mill, power plant or other industrial facility, we can help you improve your results. We’ll assess your unique needs and challenges and match them with the right experts and solutions.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since our founding nearly 100 years ago. Today, we are a leading global specialty chemical supplier and one of three water treatment companies with a truly global footprint. We have 3,700 employees and 37 manufacturing facilities, which span 118 countries and five continents.

Throughout our rich history as Betz Laboratories, Drew, Stockhausen, Hercules and Ashland Water Technologies, our guiding principle has never changed: Our objective is to help you.

We are very proud of our rich history. Our story is important because it reflects the inherent dedication and standard of quality that Fairway & Greene was built upon and still embodies today. The year was 1992. But in the mind of founder Rick Martin, it was the summer of 1955. The names Demaret, Hogan, Snead and Nelson dominated the game as they walked the storied fairways of Winged Foot, Colonial and Cypress Point. Their skills on the course were matched only by the sartorial elegance they brought to the game. Always beautifully attired in the finest hand tailored clothing, those players looked the part as much as they played it.

At Fairway & Greene, traditional colors in haberdashery patters are cut to fit the modern gentleman. When wearing Fairway & Greene you belong on any first tee in the world. Just like Demaret, Hogan, Snead and Nelson.