Former Navy Officer Competing at United Leasing Championship

July 18, 2013|Updates|

One of the golfers competing at the United Leasing Championship at Victoria National believes his past has a major role in his future and for good reason.

Billy Hurley III has never been the longest off the tee. That’s just fine, Hurley says, because he can navigate the greens with ease.

“On the golf course, when faced with adversity and tough stretches of holes, that mental toughness helps me,” Hurley said.

To see what Hurley finds important look no further than his golf bag.

“I turned professional in 2006 but when I did that I was active duty in the U.S. Navy at the time,” Hurley said. “I graduated from the Naval Academy in 2004 so I had the five year commitment that everyone else has there.”

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