Word on the Hill: Golf Day on Capitol Hill

It’s National Golf Day, which means golf industry leaders and PGA Tour winner Billy Hurley III will be on Capitol Hill.

A coalition of golf’s leading organizations, known as WE ARE GOLF, is scheduled to meet with members of Congress to discuss the sports economy and impact.

To mark the 10th annual celebration, WE ARE GOLF has partnered with Topgolf to offer free golf lessons today at all of its 27 venues across the country.

WE ARE GOLF Celebrates National Golf Day's 10th Anniversary on Capitol Hill

Record 175 Congressional Meetings, Nearly 200 Attendees from 35 U.S. States Showcase the Game’s Benefits in D.C.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – WE ARE GOLF – a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners – today visited Capitol Hill for the 10th annual National Golf Day to discuss the game’s nearly $70 billion economic impact, $4 billion annual charitable impact, environmental value to local communities and fitness benefits. A record 175 Congressional meetings were scheduled and nearly 200 attendees from 35 U.S. states participated.

How to Celebrate National Golf Day

Nowadays it seems like there are always new holidays to be celebrated…we’re looking at you national donut day! Today, however, the celebration revolves around one of our favorite sports. Happy National Golf Day everyone!

If you’re wondering why today of all days is National Golf Day, it comes from a now decade-old practice that involves members of Congress. Each year, Billy Hurley III and golf industry leaders form a coalition known as WE ARE GOLF meet with government officials to discuss the economic and overall impact of the game on the country.

Three Celebrities on Capitol Hill for Three Reasons

This week on Capitol Hill, a musician, an athlete, and an actor came out to lobby for causes specifically important to them.

Singer Rob Thomas came to discuss the challenges facing songwriters and federal regulations on licensing and was joined by other singers including Peter Frampton.

Golfer Billy Hurley III came to discuss the impact of golf on the economy and was joined by fellow athlete, speed skater gold medalist, Dan Jansen.

Billy Hurley III Previews National Golf Day 4/26

Always a good excuse having our golf freak talk golf so it was a pleasure having PGA pro Billy Hurley III join Mark Malone Under Center ahead of National Golf Day where this Wednesday Hurley along with the luminaries of the game of Golf speak with Members of Congress. Hurley, who served as a Naval officer from 2004-2009 and rising to the rank of Lieutenant, understands how the game supports the military. The game of golf is rapidly growing into a $70 billion economy and each year we look at where the game is and where it’s headed.

Navy lieutenant turned professional golfer primed to deliver Easter message

Billy Hurley III has a late tee time Sunday, thanks to a 66 that moved him into a share of 13th place. But he also has double duty, as a featured speaker at the Easter Sunrise service to be held on Harbour Town’s 18th green.

“Anytime you’re put on the spot, it’s a challenge,” said Hurley, adding that he speaks to faith-based organizations a few times a year.


Q. Talk about today and the wind.
BILL HURLEY III: Yeah, it was hard. I played nicely, really. I felt like I played better than 3‑over par, but kind of caught a gust at the wrong time on 15 and made a big number.
And then kind of just the wrong side of the ridge on 16. And that made it tough putting there.
Overall I’m fairly pleased with it. Certainly you wish‑‑ you certainly wish you would never hit it in the water. But I didn’t feel like I hit that bad of a shot, just kind of definitely caught a gust there.